Dudes! Can’t wait to see all of our friends and family on the West Coast this week. So glad to be coming back! Please get advance tix via the links on the home page or tour page. There are a lot of great bands playing on these shows with me and I’m very stoked for you to check them out as well. Lots of these shows start early in wonderful west coast fashion. Most show times are 8 sharp or 9 sharp, and USC is 7 sharp.

In other news, some great reviews came in this week for Escape From Plaza-Midwood. You can check it out at www.facebook.com/jonnywonder. Also, our Kickstarter Goal of $9,000 was met an exceeded by the best friends, fans and family in the word! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Which brings me to the point that Summer Wilderness Program is in full effect!!! A few songs in the can, sounding amazing and lots of news coming soon on the first full band June tour (with slightly new lineup!), some really exciting festival dates, and we will soon be premiering the first single/title track from my side project The Catch Fire’s new album Rumormill, along with a sharp new video and other media.

Also, congrats to my pals the Avett Brothers for the Grammy performance, as well as hugs and nugs for my pally Nicole Atkins’ stellar new record Mondo Amore, and recent appearance on Conan.

Talk at your sweet faces soon my loves.