so. we played golden fleece tavern last night in dover, DE. this is the oldest bar in the US and supposedly some parts of the Constitution were written here. really good vibes. the place is small like thomas street tav in Char or like Caledonia in athens GA or somewhere, real intimate and tight. crowd was enthusiastic all night, starting with Brett Harris solo they were with us from the start. brett killed it with a set of jams from his record “Man of a Few Words” and some covers. I played solo next, and the highlight for me was me and brett covering some Tomahawks (“where are you?”) and a couple other spicy numbers. full band set was next/last and we are really getting our set in the zone. crushed out 12 songs from EFPM and MW&tDS and then hit the windy rural DE roads for our crash pad, which was an absolute trip. we crashed in the sticks at this mansion owned by a local dude named Paul, who only drives corvettes and has a private music showcase venue upstairs in his 4 story crib. along with, let’s just say, an assortment of weird ass stuff. he cooked us a jammin breakfast and now we’re kickin it on the mean streets of philly, jammin on cheesetakes at O’neals and fittin to head to the FIRE soon for sound check. sorry for the brevity and solecisms, tight on time and we are letting it ripppppp.