Phily! got to the Fire a little early, had a great hang sittin on our gear for a couple hours sippin gin and juice. soundman mr. dino was cool cool beans. he gave us the idea to tell chick filet we’re a christian band if we want free food for the whole band. apparently it works every time. our friend’s band everyday rockets called and dropped off the bill at the last minute, but there were still two other local bands that were sweet to hang with, lavis blake and gearings. both cool bands but def harder and louder than our pretty pop stylings. we brought the carolina dynamics on that ass; had the hammock spot and did our thing well. would def play this joint again. good vibes. oh, and i got to hang and catchup with my first real girlfriend Liz (from childhood), who now lives in jerz and came out to the show. surreal. postshow highlight was our crash pad in Jerz with Kizzy Kizyle’s good friends Charron and Greg. They had a keg of Victory Stormking going strong latenight and we put it down. check out the pick of the Bird going for the outside crash zone! cold out there, don’t know how he held up. Wally was sawing logs and the Bird chose the elements over said logs.