It’s been a minute since we’ve talked. Where to begin? How about some exciting news? Ok then.

New Booking Agency! We have joined forces with awesome booking agency Vulcan Army Booking, who will be helping us play great shows in 2011! Check them out! They work with our friends Modern Skirts, Manray, Winter Sounds and lots of superb bands.

Best of 2010! It’s been really sweet to get featured on some Best of 2010 lists for Escape From Plaza-Midwood. Among others, so far we have received loving nods in Power of Pop, Shuffle Magazine, Sunset in the Rearview, and Performer Magazine has called the record “One of the best records to come out of the Southeast over the course of the decade”! We are thrilled to say the least…

New Videos! Our friend Colin Rich is an extremely talented filmmaker. He did one of the most creative vids we’ve seen in a while for the song “New English Magazines”. Check it out on vimeo here:

Special Shows: I’ve added a ton of solo shows I didn’t even have time to play since I’m swamped making two albums right now (my next full-length Summer Wilderness Program and The Catch Fire’s debut Rumormill), but I’m glad I did because they’ve been badass. I particularly enjoyed my recent show at the Earl with dear old friends Modern Skirts and new friends Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun. Both bands shredded my face off. Today The Moon will be doing some shows with us in 2011…I’m sure we’ll play with the Skirts more soon too, and their new record Gramahawk is one of my favorite albums in recent memory. But the most special show of them all is the Plaza-Midwood Christmas Party I’m hosting. There are about 12 amazing acts on this bill, it’s only $5, and at one of the coolest joints in town, Petra’s Piano Bar and Cabaret. Trust me you do not want to miss this show. Starts at 8pm sharp and goes till 2. There are writers, comedians, musicians and more. Go here for the event page!

Lots of other stuff afoot I can fill you in on soon, West Coast Solo tour, exciting lineup changes in the band, SXSW… but I gotta get outta here for now! See you shortly! Love, JL

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  1. Amazing how much talent is hidden in the charlotte shows when they come together to play in summer